neoTextil nT Trapping is a module for Adobe® Photoshop® in Macintosh and PC environments, that allows making the trapping between separations of channels. Supports big files with up to 300.000 x 300.000 pixels in Adobe® Photoshop®.

File formats                                                           

The following file formats are supported by, and are compatible with nT Colorations:

File formats: 

Multichannel formats (PSD, PSB, TIF)      

Color spaces:   



Let's take a look at the plugin interface to understand its key elements.

  • Make and OK & Cancel: Once you've got trapping done, click 'OK' to save the modifications and return to Photoshop. With 'Cancel' you will go back to Adobe® Photoshop® without keeping the images. 'Make' will overwrite the multichannel file with the trapping.

  • Channel separation coloration: The order of channel separations is placed on the left side of the window. It shows you the image files' channel names and colors.

  • Tolerance: Controls the tolerance of the grey level which makes the trapping.

  • Trapping: The button gives access to the trapping dialog, which will be seen later in this document.

  • Trapping Image Preview: Located in the center of the window, it shows the preview of the coloration, with the colors from the colorations window. If a coloration generated by Color Sampler was found, this coloration would be imported automatically, otherwise, a new coloration will be created. The image can be zoomed in with cmd ⌘+ Space and out with Alt + Space. To set to scale modus, at the bottom of the window with values which is shown below. With the hand drag, you can move the image offset. The hand drag comes available with click and hold Space key.

Trapping Dialog

The trapping dialog allows making the trapping in between the channel separations. On the left side, you have the channel separation which can be trapped with the channels that are ordered above in the row. With the checkbox 'Show' you can switch to the preview, with or without trapping. The Units options determine which are the units by default, though the data can be introduced in any unit measurement. Clicking on OK the set values will be applied to the document and exit it saving the changes of parameters. Cancel will exit it restoring the initial parameters of the document.

Trapping Options

All these possibilities can be applied to trap all channels on just one or trap one channel on all.

  • Change the Hardness of the trapping to make it smoother.


  • Change the Shape of the trapping to Round or Square.

  • The Intensity of the Trapping can be Maximum, Medium, or Mix.


The tolerance in nT Trapping sets the gray level which makes the trapping (100% set all gray make trapping).


No trap.

 Trapping with 5 pixels and 100 % tolerance.


Trapping with 5 pixels and 50 % tolerance. 

Channel Separation Coloration

This window will show the first coloration of the file. You can change the base color with the Trapping color picker, by double-clicking on the color patch. The trapping color picker works with 32bits color precision and supports Hexadecimal color codes. Pigment support in any separation. Use the opacity to modify the quantity.


With the icon (eye) you can show or hide the channel in the trapping window.