Open the image with Adobe® Photoshop® that is RGB, CMYK, or LAB. Display the drop-down options list from File | Automate and click on nT Fine Tuning 8.X.X. or else with nT neoTextil Panel shortcuts.


1. Download the scheme with nS QuickPrint Panel when syncing with Print Server.

2. If you don't have a connection, copy the scheme folder that contains Direct Link profiles from neoStampa PC in the following path  C: \Users\Public\Documents\neoStampa 10\Color\PRINTERNAME and paste them here:

  • Mac: /Users/Shared/Inèdit Software/InSwRipSettings.
  • Windows: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Inèdit Software\InSwRipSettings.

3. Select the scheme from the dropdown list on the sidebar. All of them are duplicated for two different ways of printing:

  • AICY (Recommended): to be printed with ink control on neoStampa. Light inks and products such as diluent or white ink are managed automatically.
  • AICN: to be printed without ink control on neoStampa. This provides users with access to all inks and products comprised in the prior profiling process, such as light inks or diluent, if existing.

4. Select the rendering intent for the color conversion. It must be the same as set on neoStampa on that very printing scheme.

5. Select the channel you want to modify. It can be changed in ink intensity and input-output ratio.

6. Click on the ‘Make’ button at the top left corner of the screen in order to generate the resulting multichannel image to be printed on neoStampa. It will appear on Photoshop or in Background as ‘F-file name’ and the module will close down automatically. The additional export option for the background is used with the nT Job Queue Panel that is included in every neoTextil installation.

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