neoTextil supports template features that can be used to completely customize the look and feel of the layout to the needs to integrate it with the image designs and information. neoTextil layouts are entirely text format based to style the page. This document serves as an introduction to the methods available to customize the appearance and an introduction to how the layout is structured.

Layout customizations use a combination of LYT(Document Layout file) and CRD (Cardfile) files. To achieve a particular requirement in the exported layout document file, you make changes in one or both of the following:

  • The CRD, where is used to define the structure of the exported content, including features such as the image position and repetition, headers, and footers (defined in LYT). CRD layouts are called Templates.
  • The LYT, where is used to define the style of elements in the exported content, such as font style, color sample patches, and the logo. Can be used in templates or attached as color samples in documents from nT Colorations document generation.
  • LYT, CRD, and sub files (logo, fonts, other files) must be stored together in one folder location. Refer to the descriptions to learn how to write nT Layouts and Templates.

Refer to the descriptions in the attached document to learn how to use the variable and attributes.