neoCatalog 3.14.5

January 2022

What’s New

not included.

Bug fixes

  • Creating new catalogs will not give errors.
  • Scroll for attachments back again.
  • Invite users will not crash.
  • Variables for customer and designer are added to the output.
  • Removed double extension.
  • XJB job names do not use underscore.

neoCatalog 3.14.2

January 2022

What’s New

  • Requests Order: Now request orders are working with workflows and state columns. You can have multiple workflows with states using automated rules.

  • Extended Custom Fields & Dialogs Management: When working with default and custom fields, now with custom dialogs you can define which fields should be shown in which dialogs.

  • Customer selection in the Print dialog can be mandatory when enabled in advanced preferences.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Simulations Object mask detection.
  • Fixed download simulation object with texture.
  • Fixed Status remembering when importing designs.