While the full-drop (1/1) designs appear to be fine when rotating objects, the half-drop (1/2) design isn't rendering correctly. Should additional options or settings be considered specifically for half-drop designs to address this issue?


Unfortunately, there isn't a straightforward parameter to flip the image drop when rotating. However, we've come up with a workaround that may help you achieve the desired output, even though it involves some intricacies.

  1. Rotate the Image: Before using the image, apply the necessary rotation using a tool like CGI or Photoshop. This step ensures that you won't need to rely on the rotation parameter rotation="90" within the object.

  2. Update the Drop Direction: Regardless of the rotation, you will need to adjust the drop direction in your job. Change the direction parameter from 0/V to 1/H in the Object as follows:

<Page Id="1"> 
<Object Id="1" SourceID="0" MaintainAspectRatio="true" autoResizeMask="Width|Height" autoResizePropHeight="1/1" insideHeight="1 rep" insideWidth="1 rep" repeat="rapport" rotation="0"> 
<Coloration coloID="7" idataId="0" index="0" specialcolor="0"/> </Transformations> 
<RapportInfo direction="1" fraction_high="1" fraction_low="2"/> </Object> 
<RapportInfo direction="1" fraction_high="1" fraction_low="2" height="130.00 cm" width="158.00 cm"/>