Affects Version/s: Drivers for Cobraflex available from 10.1.4 and forward.

Once neoStampa is installed, it requires us to set up a printer. We'll usually use TCP/IP connection at, which will link with the Cobraflex controller software.

We'll open a new document (File | New document) by selecting both DTF-DTF mode and the printer. This will create the folder where we can copy the schemes to.

We can copy the default schemes into C:\Users\Public\Documents\neoStampa 10\Color\Cobraflex, the whole folders without compression. Once this is done, we'll be able to select these schemes on the drop-down menu.

On the provided color schemes, Color is meant for all types of print (it will print a white underlayer depending on the transparency of the image) and Black can be used when printing on a black garment (it will use the black on the garment itself as black instead of using ink).

We can load some design (File | Insert) and use the Mosaic option on Properties (menu at the right of the screen) to easily create multiple copies of the design and directly send to Print.

Generic color schemes: