Conditional logic plays a crucial role in layouts when making decisions based on specific conditions. Sometimes, users need to show different results based on rules beyond the initial conditions. In these cases, adding empty conditions value to variables after <Output></Output> section does the expected processing.

<Variable name = "SourceSOMETHING" value = ""/>    

Example Scenario: 

In this scenario, imagine using neoCatalog to view designs with and without trademarks. When printing with a layout using these conditions, the print document will display the trademark logo. If a trademark is not included in the design, it is showing the default logo.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Source Id="0" URL="${SourceImage}"/>
    <Source Id="1" URL="${SourceXCM}"/>
    <Source Id="5" URL="Logo.tif"/>
    <Source Id = "98" URL = "${SourceTrademarkLogo}"/>
    <Source Id = "99" URL = "${SourceSubTrademarkLogo}"/>
    <Page Id="0" width="${__auto_parentWidth__}">
      <!-- Variable MUST be defined always for conditionals-->
       <Conditional condition="${SourceTrademarkLogo}" negate="Y">
        <Object Id="0" SourceID="5" left="0.2 cm" top="0.2 cm" width="3cm" MaintainAspectRatio="true" >
       <Conditional condition="${SourceTrademarkLogo}">
        <Object Id="0" SourceID="98" left="0.2 cm" top="0.2 cm" width="3cm" MaintainAspectRatio="true" >

    <Variable name = "SourceTrademarkLogo" value = ""/>