Printer Scheme Configuration

Before going through the various tabs of the Scheme manager, notice that the configuration can be done through two different options: RIP and Profiler. neoStampa with a Profiler option allows to create new calibrations with the Calibration Wizard. This opens a Calibration process which helps you obtain the best printing results. The obtained scheme configurations should not be changed, as they are contain precise information of a particular process. This option is licensed based. neoStampa with RIP option lets you load printer schemes and ICC profiles. It also allows to make adjustments on the printer scheme. At the beginning of this chapter there are explanations of the various tables and tabs in the Printer Scheme Manager, in a very general way. Advanced technical description of Printer scheme manager configuration modes and types are listed in the Calibration Wizard manual. Refer to that document to explore all the possibilities of the program.

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