To work with neoStampa it is indispensable to have a proper printing scheme for, at least, each resolution we'll be using. Although the optimal procedure is calibrating the printer, we may want to import another printing scheme when upgrading versions.

Profiler Option

When you work with neoStampa for the first time, you need to run a calibration process with the Calibration Wizard, to create a scheme calibration that will set ink amounts, linearization curves, and maximum ink limits, as well as printing a chart target and create an ICC printer profile. This option is licensed-based.

To start the Calibration Wizard, click on the icon 'Cw' on the menu of neoStampa.

Else, select the '...' Printer scheme manager, in the upper bar on the main window. The Calibration wizard button is at the bottom left corner of the Printer scheme manager. Or click on the shortcut on your desktop to run the Calibration Wizard.

RIP Option

Once the printer or printers required for the program have been selected, you must select the schemes that you are going to use with each printer.
The program allows two types of profile files:
  1. Standard ICC Color Profiles: These are the ICC files that contain the color information for each material. Normally, they are standard files available from the manufacturer, but they can also be created with specific programs.
  2. Color Schemes (cps): These are the ICC color profiles together with all the printing parameters and the linearization configuration. A scheme contains all the information that we would select separately in the various tabs of the printing scheme manager.
Although installing schemes and color profiles can be done at any time, even as new materials are being used, we recommend doing this when installing the program, as they contain density curves, resolution parameters, and adequate ink limits.

Installing Schemes

1. Open neoStampa and create a new job on File | New. You select a mode of printing and the printer we'll be using. If there's no color scheme yet, we can leave this field blank.

2. Open the Printer Scheme Manager by clicking on the three-point icon at the top menu of the screen, left to the Print button.

3. Click the Add and browse for the printer scheme folder you want to import (by default, neoStampa schemes are stored in c:\Users\Public\Public Documents\neoStampa x\Color. Open the folder and select the file Color_scheme.cps inside.

4. Click 'Open' and the program will import the color scheme so it's readily available for your use. Upon selecting a print scheme, you will see that all the options from the Printers dialog are configured, along with the corresponding ICC color profile and the linearization file (lut). You can use the Browse button to search for the schemes on your computer.

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