Print variations in Print Server are optional and license-based option. It allows modification of the channel range in the inks of the machine to match manually to prior printed jobs and be able to repeat older print color results. If your license supports variations it becomes active in Job settings when a job is loaded.

Create variations

Select the loaded job in the queue and click on the Variations… button. It opens a new dialog to make new modifications to the ink selection and channel range. Job and Scheme indicate the selected job in name and scheme. This is informative only and cannot be modified. 

The field Size becomes active when using rapport jobs only. Here the part of the beginning of the print can be adjusted to apply the variation in the full print width before applying for the full rapport job.

To make several modifications to the channel range, select the channel color and check the box to enable the Range and Steps field. With Range Up you can increase the range of selected channels, with Range down reduce the range. In Steps, you can enter the range of modifications.

Practical example

Take the channel Yellow and range up to 10% with 2 steps. The steps will divide the 10% range into 2 (steps) and give two variation options. The total of variations is 3, which is summarised of 2 variations and all (default zero range).

Multiple channel combinations are supported. Click OK to create the variations.

Load variation

Back in the Print Server window, the selected job will be duplicated and is ready to apply the created variations. The first loaded job remains in the queue. From the Variation list, you can select one of the 2 created variations, as a result of 10% and 2 steps. The first step is 5% and the second step is 10%.

Next to the list, the button with three dots, you can view the LUT curve of each variation.

After the variation is loaded, in the queue column Variation you can identify the type name of the selected variation and start the print of the job.