This article applies to neoTextil versions 8.4 and later and neoStampa 9 and Delta.

Due to changes in network settings the link between Print Server and QuickPrint panel may break. When this happens QuickPrint shows a connection error message.

Parallels Desktop is prone to change host names by adding -2 at the end of them, which makes PrintServer URL different from the one that was correctly set up and thus connection fails.

To restore the connection click on the link shown as "here" in the error message in order to access the connection set up dialog. Once there, enter the PrintServer URL like this, IP:port or hostname.local:port (, printerPC.local:49091...)

The port number used by a Print Server process is found by clicking on the Log button in the Configuration dialogue, which is accessed by clicking on the cogwheel button in the main window.




If you should face network connection problems, open cmd in the PC where Panel is installed and type ping with IP of PC neoStampa station. It will show you if the IP is reachable or not. If you you get time out, then the network connection on the nS is protected by Firewall.

Go to nS PC station and and disable the Firewall for Public Network.

Once disabled, go back to cmd of PC Panel station and run ping. It should show you responding bytes: