XML layouts used in the panel generate previews and custom the print job that is sent to the connected Print Server for printing.


Where are the default local and remote layouts?

Within neoTextil installation, the local default layouts will be installed in the:

  • macOS: /Users/USERNAME/Documents/neoTextil/QuickPrint/Layouts
  • Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\neoTextil\QuickPrint\Layouts
    • Inedit_FullRapport.xml           
    • Inedit_PrintRapport.xml           
    • Inedit_RapportWithColors.xml       
    • Inedit_RealSize.xml           
    • Inedit_RealSizeWithRepeatPreview.xml 
    • Inedit_VirtualVision.xml

Within neoStampa installation, the default layouts will be installed in the folder 

C:\Users\Public\Documents\neoStampa 10\Layouts

  • Color Printing.xml           
  • Rapport Printing.xml

Customized layouts must be stored in the same directory.

What are the supported and unsupported layouts in nS QuickPrint Panel?

The neoTextil local default layouts are supported for digital and multichannel designs that contain embedded and local colorways. The same layouts are compatible with neoCatalog, which means that they can be even installed in neoCatalog.

Since TJB support in Print Server layouts is not fully supported, this has the limitation of not selecting more than the embedded colorway in multichannel design, because the SourceXCM cannot be defined. 

If nS QuickPrintPanel layouts are requested, then it needs a local set that contains a TJB and supported colorways index (same as the default layouts).

Remote colorways are not supported.

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