Connect the device to your computer when is off and turn it on at the bottom of the device. Start the neoMatch application and open Measurement Settings. Configure parameters and press on Apply button.

  • Make your selection for Illuminant.
  • Make your selection for Observer.
  • Select the mode Scan, with or without UV filter (requires device calibration). The measurements are in spot mode only supported.
  • Use Average to render your measurements.

Device Calibration

For accurate measurements, the device must be calibrated before use. The measuring head is equipped with a switch that allows manual insertion of the white reference. The calibration is required with each new measurement.

When this switch is operated, the instrument will automatically detect that it is being calibrated.

Spot Measurement

1) Make sure that your device is calibrated.

2) Select Spot Mode.

3) Place the color positioning target and device over the color target.

4) Press 'Measure' on the screen to measure colors and hold steady until the measurement is complete.

5) Release the device and move it patch by patch to measure all colors.

NOTE: Scan measurements is currently not supported in neoMatch.