This program allows the use of EPS multi-channel designs (DCS 2.0) for printing. These files contain information that has been previously separated into several color channels, corresponding to the different inks which are to be used for printing.

When opening a DCS file, the program will show information about the channels that are in the file and the color corresponding to each channel. Once the file has been opened the program can manage the DCSs in 'Mixed colors' or 'Channel to ink' modes from the Properties section. The 'Apply ink control' option below will include light inks.

  • Mixed colors mean all colors will be mixed with the opacity percentage of each channel to form a single image composed of all colors. You may modify opacity levels for each channel by introducing the appropriate value in the opacity column. The combination of all the colors of each channel, with the established opacity level, will be the result that will be printed. 

  • Channel to ink means that every DCS channel will be sent to only one ink cartridge in the printer. If the "multichannel" color mode is used, the printer's available channels will show in the color column. If the CMYK+xxx color modes are used, the available CMYKxxx channels will appear.  In order to modify DCS channel assignment to printer cartridges, click on the Color column and select the desired cartridge. Using multi-channel color mode allows for the independent correction of ink density and limits for each of the printer's colors.