Hot folder is a flexible feature for automatically laying out files on a page, and then printing them. It is associated with a set of functions and settings registered as a program. Simply placing a file in a hot folder will prompt the associated program to run, and output the document, without you having to start this application or program.


From the top-right of the main window, the Hot Folder button takes you to the configuration dialog. Click on the '+' button to open and start the configuration, and the '-' button to erase the configuration. 

Clicking on '+' the Hot folder editor window opens, showing you the settings for the usage:

  • From the button '...' next to Path, navigate to the directory you want to use as your Hot folder destination. If you tick on the Active job automatically option, the jobs sent to the hot folder will be printed automatically.
  • In Scheme, you can make the selection of printer scheme from the drop-down menu that will be used for this hot folder configuration. Clicking on '...' you will access the Printer schema manager of neoStampa, where you can see what options that schema is about.

  • The Layout field is to select custom-defined print layouts for the print jobs that are processed in the hot folder.

  • Finally, two options Delete and Move are given in relation to processed files. Once again, the option to move files to specific folders is done with the '...' button.

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