updated for 10.1

The hot folder is a flexible feature for automatically laying out files on a page and then printing them. It is associated with a set of functions and settings registered as a program. Simply placing a file in a hot folder will prompt the associated program to run, and output the document, without you having to start this application or program.

If your printing queue is Print Server, then the dropped files in the hot folder will be processed in Print Server, if Print Server has not own configured Hot folder in Print Server hot folder settings.


From the top of the window, on the buttons bar, the Hot Folder button takes to the Hot Folders dialog. Click on the 'New' button to open the configuration dialog, the 'Del' button to erase any, or the button 'Configure' if you want to make changes to any configuration you already have.


The Hot folder configuration window opens, showing you several settings for its use.


Parameter configurations

  • From the square with three dots next to the Path dialog, navigate to the directory you want to use as your Hot folder input. 
  • If you tick on the Active option, the jobs sent to the hot folder will be printed automatically.
  • Treating subfolders as single jobs will include all items in one job.
  • The recursive will treat files inside one folder as a single job.


  • Layout: When printing with Print Server, then jobs will generate.
  • Roll width: Defines the media roll or page width. 
  • Origin X/Origin Y: Defines the disposition of the image on the page with the center option.
  • Design separation: The distance between the designs on the page. 
  • Nesting: Designs will be distributed in the most efficient way. 
  • Allow rotation: Allows file rotation for the best fit. 
  • Fit in page: Scales the image to the page. 
  • EasyCut mode: Prints stripes along the left page side in the print direction to allow easy cuts.

Printing trigger condition

  • The part of this configuration window allows for choosing the number of documents to print.
  • Defining the length between jobs.
  • Adding the time interval of inactivity between printing jobs.

Output settings

  • Allows changing printer and options related to the Scheme. 
  • Properties show the printer scheme data.
  • The auto-select option will use the profile of the job that you put in the hot folder will be automatically selected.

Output folder

  • If you wish to have a definite Output folder, navigate to the directory you want to use from the square with three dots. 
  • Main the source file name.
  • Allow overprinting if a file exists.

Action to perform with processed files

  • The option to delete source files after being processed.
  • The option to move files to specific folders is done with the button with three dots.

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