We recommend following the next notes to avoid calibration mistakes during the calibration process.

  • Pay attention to the nozzle print quality in your digital machine. Make sure to do the nozzle check before you start a new calibration.

Before nozzle check:

After nozzle check:

  • The full calibration process must be printed UNI - directional (ink limit, linearisation, target, test chart). The same step is followed for print samples when they want to be matched with other printed samples. In the later production, the directional can be switched to BI-directional.

  • Printing always in the same direction (horizontal OR vertical) to secure the same printing environment during the calibration process and making an average in neoStampa, which means reading two target charts.

  • Use one and the same spectrophotometer device, calender, steamer, or dryer for every printout during the calibration process.

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