Once profiling targets are printed and measured according to the given specifications, in the measurement dialog you can view and compare the measurements. 

  • The option 'View full target' below the target preview will show all target rows. This helps to identify measurement mistakes when viewing the full-size target.
  • The option 'Show comparison' will show all three measurements compared. For instance, here we show three measurements average using an Error tolerance of 0.34 dE and see that in the third measurement compared to the first and second most mistakes persist.
  • In the example, we have dE from 0.34 to 1.62. The white color in the preview represents patches with dE 0.34 and lower. The red color in the preview represents patches with dE 1.62. Brown-yellow colors represent patches in-between dE 0.34 to 1.62.

By adjusting the dE values in the given fields, we can filter more differences in the measurement mistakes. Using average discarding worst methods and reducing the dE value of maximum to dE 0.62, the discarded worst patches are demonstrated with a red color preview.

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