This article describes the workflow of working with neoCatalog designs that are printed in neoStampa or Print Server that contains color substitution and later published as a new colorway to neoCatalog from the Control Center. 

Connection and publish new colorway

When your job with color replacement is printed, you will have the color replacement information inside the job report.

1. Click on the button "Connect with neoCatalog" to create a connection. It opens a dialog to paste the QR code obtained from neoCatalog and click on "Link".

2. Once the connection is established, you can publish the colorway or disconnect from neoCatalog.

3. Proceed to publish the colorway with the according button. The job name is recognized with the design name in neoCatalog. Make modifications in the name field if the file is different than in neoCatalog.

4. Once published, a successful notification pops up showing the new colorway name.

5. In neoCatalog the new colorway is present. The colorway got the replaced color as one new color and it shows the scheme name below the color patch.

Previous version

until 1.4.1

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