This is a key tab for Administrators of neoCatalog. Privileges are the possibilities of each user to Create, Edit, View, Delete, or Export designs, among others. Each privilege permits one to choose between the choice Allowed or Not Allowed, and Owned, which means that only the designs owned by the customer or designer user can be viewed, exported, etc.

neoCatalog offers default privileges for the given user's categories. All of the default privileges can be customized to match specific needs.

You need to be an administrator to grant user privileges using this method. Usually, the administrator is the person who created the users, but they can also allow other admins. Members of the administrator's group can also do this.

Categories of Privileges

The first category of user privileges is to give or hide permissions in the creation, edition, viewing, deleting, and exportation (download) of Designs, Colorways, Users, Galleries, Ambients, and Attachments. 

The second category of privileges is an extended option to give or hide information in viewing modes of a design and sales information. 

Another part is to differentiate the treatment of designs according to their ownership. This is of vital importance when Exclusive or/and Owned designs need to be kept out of sight. The advanced edition restricts the verification of designs. 

Besides the export privileges from the first section, the export privileges here are defined to show or hide and access the options that export and share for the selected user.

Default Privileges


Performs management tasks in neoCatalog and has no restricted access.



Performs usage tasks in neoCatalog and has restrictions in interaction.


Performs usage tasks as a user for neoCatalog users and has restrictions in privileges.


Performs operating usage of neoCatalog.


Performs as one agent used to be linked to a customer.


Performs as a storage unit that has functionality in the 'Save to Server' destination for Print option. Requires name in Alias field to perform as storage.

Users and Groups Management

How to generate and send print files from Print option