Applies your company logo as a watermark in the design view and output according to the user privileges. The preview in preview modes will use the watermark.

Create your watermark logo file. Make sure to provide supported file format image JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, or PSD in color mode RGB. 

  • SCREEN mode: Working with one layer image and keeping the white part in 50% gray or dark, and the background in 100% black.

  • MULTIPLY mode: Multiply mode is used for files with white backgrounds. Working with one layer image and making one inverted version where the white part is 50% gray or dark, and the background is 100% white.


Once your watermark image is created, simply enable the option 'Enable Watermarks' and load the image logo that will be applied as a watermark. Make sure to provide a supported file format image. Once an image is selected, load it to your neoCatalog with 'Send' and save the addition with the 'Save' button.

You can manage who can use and see the watermarks using the user privileges. The privilege manages how the user will view and export print documents with watermarks as 'Watermarks' in Export and View Options which can be chosen as 'Not Allowed' or 'Allowed'.

  • Not Allowed: The user with this privilege will always see and print documents using the watermarks.
  • Allowed: The user will not view designs with watermarks, but will have an option in the 'Print' dialog to export the print document with or without watermark. 

In both cases, the watermark application in print documents requires print layout modifications to support watermarks.

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