From the Simulations page, you have several options to export or add one simulation.

Print Simulation

The option is located at the footer bar and is available when a colorway is applied to the object. The option 'Print...' is an option that allows you to create printouts dynamically using layouts.

If you use a simulation combination of different colorways, then the simulation using combination will be used in the print and create a single page for every colorway.

NOTE: Print exporting is not supported for color simulations.

Download JPG

From the download button on the footer menu, you can download the simulation JPG as you see it on the screen. The result will be a JPG image file with the simulation only with a resolution of 72 dpi.

Add to Gallery

From the export button on the footer menu bar, you can add the simulation to the gallery. 

The result will be the simulation using the colorway and the colorway itself. 

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