neoCatalog offers to register devices (neoCatalog iOS) and to register Apps (neoMatch, neoTextil, Control Center) with QR-code, to establish a fast and easy connection. Using the function makes the sharing of files and data more efficient. In the management part, you can view the connected devices and disable/enable them once registered.

The devices cannot be deleted from the management page and needs to be removed from the database. Contact your administrator..

Registered Devices

From Administration > Licensing, you can manage and view registered device information. This section of the management window shows the registered devices, with their device specifications and version. With the checkbox at the beginning of the device details, you can disable the device, and use the device activation for another device. Above the device list, you can view how many devices are purchased in your license(s) and used, or request more device licenses.

Linked Apps

From the Administration > Licensing, on the last part of the page, is the section 'Linked Apps'. here you can manage and view linked apps and device information. Once linked to apps, with the checkbox at the beginning of the app details you can disable and enable the app. Once the app is disconnected from neoCatalog, the link must be established again using the QR code.

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