In the neoCatalog Server, Scenarios are sets of QuickPrint presets that can be linked to a Hot folder where the files are dropped and processed according to the specific output configured in the presets. 

To access the QuickPrint scenarios, go to 'Management' in administration and find the listed option in 'Utilities'. Verify that the preference in Preferences > Modules is enabled to work with presets. 

After you enter, on the left you see the existing scenarios, if any. With the '+' button you can create new scenarios. A new dialog opens split into two parts: Scenario and Hot Folder.

Scenario setup

In Scenario, you can name the new scenario or use a random name, and add the presets for the scenario when you click on the 'Choose to add' tab. Select the presets from the list and click on the 'Add' button to have them in the scenario. With the 'X' button you can remove the preset from the scenario. Also, it shows the creator and date of creation. Finally, click on 'Save' to create the scenario.

Hot folder setup

The Hot folder part manages paths and permissions of the scenario Hotfolder:

  • Default Hot folder and Output folder paths.
  • You can enable and disable the hot folder with the check for 'Enabled'.
  • The check for 'Delete files after' allows deleting of the original files that have been proceeded in the Hot folder.
  • The 'Output overwrite' check will overwrite generated layout files.

NOTE: When you want to change the name of the scenario hot folder, then you are required to change also the name in Hotfolder Path.

After the creation of Scenarios, you are required to create the folder Hot folders and the Scenarios folders manually. In case of the default path, go to the root:

Back in Scenarios management, when the hot folder path is recognized, then the icon next to the path fields changes from red to green.


On the System Info page, next to other Background Task information at the bottom, you can check the Hot folder Task port, interval, status, and next execution.

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