neoCatalog gives you the ability to search and navigate through the application for designs to focus on specific keywords, statuses, customers assigned to designs, exclusivities, dates, and design types.



Clicking on the preview in it will add the design or colorways to the selection and allows you to perform actions with multiple items. From the right-top icon, you can select all items on the current page or deselect them.


The tab situated at the top of the browser of the design allows you to select what designs you wish to view, or in what order you want to see them. The default sorting you can set up in Administration.

The search field at the top bar allows you to search in a quick and simple way. For a detailed and accurate design search use the advanced search option that opens on the left sidebar. You can do the search for designs when selecting the 'By Design code' tab option, which will search for the design code, name, or alias name. Click on the loupe button to start the search and you will get your results listed. Another way to search for designs is by selecting the 'By Keywords' tab option which will search for designs that contain keywords. Simply select the existing used keywords and click on the loupe button to start the search.

Advanced Search 

If you wish to see your designs and apply filters, the loupe button next to the quick search field opens a sidebar with searching options. Obviously, if designs contain no information the search will not produce results. Once your choices are made, click on the 'Apply filters', in order to start the filtering for designs with search credentials. When your search meets your needs, you can see the designs displayed in the browser.  With 'X' you can abort the advanced search. Here every search can be extended in an accurate design search while starting searching by code or by keywords.

The neoCatalog desktop app version has limitations in fields. If you work with the neoCatalog Server version, you will be able to work with custom fields and custom dialogs and customize the server dialogs.

For multiple criteria search you can set search terms to match ALL or ANY in the search.

Search for ALL with custom fields is limited. It will show the same result for ALL and ANY. 

If you work with the image tags indexing function, you will have more options available in search options. Search for visually similar images by a button in the header bar on the home design page:


Or use Advanced Search to search by image or tags:

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