neoCatalog offers different options for color colorways: color libraries and a color picker.

Create new colorway

If you wish to make one new colorway, go to the button '+' at the menu bar and select option 'New Colorway from...'. This option is available from designs, colorways, and detail view. The program creates a duplicate of the selected colorway as a temporary colorway with the name 'T01' and opens the color library to color a new colorway. Now you can make color changes using the color library or the color picker. 


Coloring with Color Library

Select the color library you want to use to color the new colorway. You can customize the view of the library with the adjustment button next to the library name, where you choose the size of the patches and view the color name, or not. Those adjustments are based on the logged-in user and will remain for the user only on the coloring colorway and simulations page.



When the color library is selected you can search for a color by two options: 

- Searching by Name: you can enter the name or part of it and it will give you the possible results.

- Searching by Color: the square black button below the library's name allows you to pick the color you are searching for. Once you have selected a color from the color picker, click on the color space sphere, and the closest reference in your library will be shown. 

When the color is selected, you can drag&drop it into the color channels. While moving over the channel color, it shows the border of the channel frame, so that the color can be dropped and applied. Else, if your library color is selected in the library, with the paint can icon you can apply it in the channel.


The other way to color the channel is to type color libraries' color names in the channel to search and apply color. You can move from one to the next channel with the tab keyboard.



Coloring with Color Picker

Another coloring option is with the color picker that is based on the web browser you have started your neoCatalog session. Click on the color circles in the color channel and it opens the color picker. In the color space, you can then pick the color or enter the RGB, HSB or hex values. 

Superposition methods

The list which unfolds next to the paint can button shows color superposition methods for coloring: Disabled, Add, Multiply, Pigment, and Corrosion. By default, we select "Multiply" which is set up in advanced preferences. 

Save & Publish a new colorway

You can anytime 'Undo' the modification on this page using the corresponding button. But if you decide to keep the newly created colorway, then you have two options.

  • 'Save' will create the new colorway as a Temporary colorway with a 'T' colorway name that is visible only to the creator and allows further color modifications accessing from the 'Edit...' menu.
  • 'Publish' will create the final colorway and the result would be the following generated using the next colorway code in neoCatalog. No further color modifications are possible.

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