neoCatalog offers different options to make colorations: automatic, manual, or by importing data files. When opening a colorway, we access the colorway view window where we can modify or add such colorways.

Coloring new colorway

If you wish to create new colors for a new colorway, you can do it with the button '+' at the menu bar and select the option 'New Colorway from...'. This option is available from designs, colorways, and detail view. The program creates a duplicate of the selected colorway as a temporary colorway with the name 'T01' and opens the color library to color a new colorway. Now you can make color changes using the color library or the color picker.

Duplicate colorway

You can duplicate any selected colorway with the option same option for new colorways 'New Colorway from...'. from the '+' button. Once in modification mode and publishing without change, it will generate a new colorway using the next colorway code and the information that the colorway is duplicated.

Colorway from XCM

From Inèdit's programs neoColorations and neoColorBox, you can export colorations from text files containing color information, which are saved with the extension XCM. Such files can be imported to neoCatalog from the button with the 'Import Colorway from XCM File' option and use their information to create new colorways. Follow the simple steps that are shown on the screen to upload the file. The colors will be applied automatically to the selected design.

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