This option supports image files to import as digital colorways (photographic). The colorways can be created from the import options when opening the design in neoCatalog, or the use of a colorway separator in the file name to be indicated automatically as a colorway.

For example, if the digital design has the name "D1234" and the colorway "variant1", create the file name as "D1234#variant1.tif". The separator hash '#' is used by default. If you wish to change the separator, it can be done in the advanced preferences (neo_colorway_separator) by an administrator of neoCatalog.

This colorway cannot be updated if already exists with the same name. If you want to skip the restriction, contact your neoCatalog administrator to allow the update of digital colorways.

Open one design and select the option 'Import Digital Colorway' from the '+' button. It opens the upload dialog to choose and upload the new file, as seen in the design importation. Drag&drop a file here or click. Continue with 'Import'.


Once uploaded, it opens the Colorway Info window automatically to enter or modify customer and comment for colorway information. Continue with 'Save'.

Colorway information:

  • File name: The file name or counter for the next design number. Cannot be modified.
  • Design name: Showing the name of the design where the colorway will be added.
  • Customer: Type to search or create colorway's customer.
  • Comments: Optional

If you work with the neoCatalog Server version, you will be able to work with custom fields & dialogs and customize the server dialogs with custom fields.


The result would be newly generated colorways using the next colorway name in neoCatalog.

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