Engraves in neoCatalog is a feature in the server version that is calculating the covered area of each channel or separation of the design and shows the coverage for each channel too. This information can be used in other CAD systems so that the ink consumption for digital printing can be analyzed.  

When selecting a multichannel design, from the footer bar Edit button shows the option 'Engraves...'. You will access the Engraves dialog with its information for Automatic Engrave, channel names, and the coverage calculation for each channel.  Coverage is the percentage of non-white pixels (a full channel with 1% gray and a full black channel have 100% coverage). Mesh can be added optionally.


With 'Edit' you can unlock the dialog and edit information such as codes, status, and the engraving types which by default are Digital, Cylinder, and Screen. Press on the '+' button to add a new engraving to the design. If you wish to print the embedded engraves and technical information, click on 'Print' to export a PDF document.

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