On the top of the window, you can see the color channels with color, color name, color library, channel group, color component, and more which depend on the layout style you have loaded. 

When changing channel options the interface is indicating the changes visually. It applies a mask on inactive or non-visible channels.

Channel selection

Double-click on the channel will open the 'Channel options' that provide channel settings. 

Double-click on the color pixel in the preview and select the color channel.

Using the contextual menu you have quick access to channel options. Click- right on the mouse and the contextual menu will be displayed:

  • Hide or show colors
  • Copy and paste colors to another channel
  • Search for channel colors in the open color library
  • Activate and assign superposition coloring methods
  • Lock or unlock colors in colorations
  • Opening color picker 
  • Synchronize colors with the selected color library
  • Assigning or changing the channel group



Out of the options dialog, it allows you to do actions with keyboard shortcut combinations. 

  • You can view the selected channels by holding the mouse over one of them in grayscale with the Alt key pressed and changing the modifier to access the color picker with a double-click on the color channel with the Cmd key pressed. 
  • It visualizes all the selected channels by holding the mouse over one of them with the Shift key. 
  • To exchange colors from two separations, drag the color from one separation onto the other, by pressing the ⌘ key (Mac), or the Ctrl key (PC). Exchanging colors can be done both from the small previews or the big preview color patches. If you just want to copy a color, drag the color of one separation onto the other, but this time press the Ctrl key.

Channel Groups

Channel group provides the probability to have separation channels embedded in one color group. 

The grouping allows adapting the lightness and gradient of the same color when used in the same group, and also when working with color libraries. From the 'Channel options' dialog, you can coordinate the channel group assignment and order. When modifying the dark or light color, we reverse and modify the color with the previous value.

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