Various superposition methods used by Inedit can be selected from the following drop-down list from the Colorway's channel options. For an example of the coloring method result, we will use one separation channel with the same color.

Color-Addition: Addition of blended and layered colors.

Color-Multiply: Multiplies blended and layered colors.


Color-Pigment: Simulates Pigment printing.

Color-Discharge: Simulates Discharge printing.

Texture-Fill: With the Image tab the Method Texture-Fill will be introduced. It gives the possibility to apply an RGB image in the separation channel as a texture. The repetition, offset, and scale factor of the RGB image can be managed from the tab.

When the image is applied in the separation channel, it will fill out the full channel. Simultaneously, the channel is shown with the image and the path of the image location.

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