Search for a similar image would return results that visually relate to the selected design. If you work with the image tags indexing function with Clarifai AI, you can search for visually similar images. Once you made the setup with Clarifai, the search for similar images is done by button in the header bar on the home design page:


1. Go to your free Clarifai account and create a new application following the setup with Clarifai.

2. Go neoCatalog Categorization, configure the part of Tags with required configuration data, and save.

3. Once the administration part for tags is configured, you have to update image tags for the image search of all designs. This can take some minutes. In Clarifai App Explorer you can view tagged designs.

4. Restart the neoCatalog service (required).

5. Start searching similar images with the button next to the quick-search field.

6. You will get the highest precision in the first result and then be ordered by the least precision. If you look for higher precision, the administrator can create advanced preferences and define the precision value.


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