Once your neoCatalog is installed and set up, you can invite users via email to join neoCatalog. The invited recipient will receive one email to accept the invitation and to create their own password to be able to enter neoCatalog. Optionally, as an administrator of the program, you can create new users from user management.


1. As a logged-in user in neoCatalog, from the wheel icon and click on the 'Send invitation Mail' option.

2. In the dialog enter the email address of the recipient that will be invited to connect to the neoCatalog Server.

3. Give the recipients a name and select the system group to which the user has to be assigned. neoCatalog provides system default groups using predefined privileges. For user privileges information check the information button. 

4. The user that has sent the invitation will be notified when the sending invitation has succeeded.  

5. The recipient will receive one email providing a link to click on 'Accept Invitation'.

6. Before entering to neoCatalog, it is required that the new user create a personal password. Once created, the user will be logged in automatically. 

7. For starting a new session in neoCatalog, the user needs to be on the login page after opening the neoCatalog URL in a web browser and entering neoCatalog with the email address where the invitation was received and the personal password.

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