Before starting the installation, make sure that the Windows Server does not contain a previously installed neoCatalog Server version. You can verify in Task Manager if specific services are present in Task Manager:

  • ApacheHTTPServer
  • JavaMonitor
  • MySQL
  • WOTaskd

NOTE: neoCatalog Standalone installation will not affect server version installation, because the app, database and directory is completely different than the server version.


Start Installation

The installation of the application has to be done with the .exe installer for the server version. Currently, the installer is not available on the web or for public access. Ask the development team to provide you with the .exe file.


1. Double-click on the .exe installer to start installation:

2. Continue with "Install":

3. Wait until the installation is completed:

Verify Installation

1. Once the installation is finished, open "Task Manager" and verify that all required services are running:

  • ApacheHTTPServer
  • JavaMonitor
  • MySQL
  • WOTaskd

2. Open the web browser and type http://localhost:56789. It will open JavaMonitor. You should see one application instance neoCatalogWeb running.

Create admin user

1. In the web browser type http://localhost.  You should see the login page of neoCatalog. By default, there is no user and password created. Now you need to create the admin user. Type http://localhost/cgi-bin/WebObjects/neoCatalogWeb.woa/wa/configWizard and run the page. It should start the welcome page of Configuration Wizard. Complete the wizard until the end.

2. Go to http://localhost:56789 and restart the application instance.

3. If your admin user creation is successful, then you will be able to log in with the newly created user and password after the activation is active. If you have trouble reaching the login, check this troubleshooting.

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