The activation of all Inèdit products, whether it is with a trial license or a purchased one, runs online by connecting user's machine and dongle to our servers.

When the network conditions are different or it is not available so that our activator server cannot be reached, it's possible to activate all Inèdit applications offline by means of a file that contains the activation code for user's product and dongle number. This file has XDAT extension and can be loaded through a dialog available in any of our applications.

In order to obtain the XDAT file you need to contact your local distributor. Check our distributor list to find it, you found no distributors in your area then contact us,

Once you are provided with the XDAT file, the way to proceed varies depending on the application to activate. 


1. Press and hold down Shift key while you are opening the application. Do not release the key until the license installation dialog shows up orwWith the program running, go to Help | Activation Keys... to open the Activation. window.

2. In the next window you have the chance to search in your computer for your license number (.xdat), which comes in the USB drive, or introduce the code manually or copying it, which also comes in the .xdat file. It is highly recommended to place this file in the desktop, or somewhere that you can access easily.  Press the 'Explore…' button and search for the .xdat. 

3. Click on 'Apply' button to assign to activation file.d browsing in the file system or by entering the file location in the text field, and click on "Apply".

4. Next, a dialog with the activation result will open up and show all the requested neoStampa modules. A green circle on the left of the product description is a sign of successful activation, whereas a red one means the activation failed: 

Valid and life time licences/ Valid and temporary licences/ Not valid and expired licences

Be aware that if you have other Inèdit licenses too, those will be listed in red color, but only the one related to neoStampa will be activated (green). 

5. At the bottom left corner of the window you can see all the found dongles you may have connected, and, if necessary, you can choose which one is to be used for the activation.

6. Press OK to continue the activation. With successful activation, neoStampa starts automatically.

Update with a new Activation

If you have updated your license (from temporary to full-time license, for example), a new .xdat file will be provided. To update this license, we just have to follow these simple steps.

1. Copy the new .xdat activation file to the computer desktop or where we keep our activations.

2. Make sure that neoStampa is closed and the dongle is connected to the computer, and open neoStampa with the Shift key pressed until the Activation window opens.


3. With the program running, go to Help | Activation Keys... to open the Activation window.


1. The Activation process is a one-time action. Plug in the green dongle and run Photoshop®. 

2. Go on File | Automate and then click on nT Activation Manager. You will access the Product activation dialog. 

3. The Activation Manager recognises the number of dongle (65xxxxxxx), which is shown in the Personal Code field. Using UUID activation it will show the unique identifier number of 10 digits. You can check if the dongle or the UUID number and the Personal Code coincide, by pressing on the information iconnext to the Personal Code.

4. If you have multiple dongles plugged in the computer, you will be able to select the one you want to activate.

5. Next, type your personal data with one user and company name on the given fields. This information is merely for your own record and has no purpose in the activation process.

6. Finally, select and apply the XDAT activation file with "Load...", that Inèdit will also provide you via email or in a USB memory, together with the installer and documentation. The activation will process automatically.

7. Optionally, if you have received the activation code you can type or copy-paste the code and press the Activate button.

8. If the activation is valid, you will get the following successful activation notice:


1. When neoCatalog is not activated it shows a "Manual activation" button on a black screen after logging in as Administrator. 

2. The Activation Manager window opens to apply the activation code or XDAT file that Inèdit provides you via email or in an USB memory, together with the installer and documentations. 

3. If you have received the activation code you can type or copy-paste the code in the field of 'Activation code'. 

4. Click on Activate button to proceed. Your product will be relaunched and fully licensed.

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