When an activation file or code is applied in the Activation Manager, it returns the notification that the activation is not valid or Generic error -14.


The reason is that the dongle has a wrong use date and the activation cannot be applied for security reasons. The use date can be verified by the Inedit support team in one remote connection using neoKeyManager.

neoTextil Step-by-Step

1. In Photoshop go to File | Automate | nT Activation Manager and click on the "i" button.

2. If the use date is in the future, then the use date is wrong.

3. Or open the "Licenses..." to see the activation history.

neoStampa Step-by-Step

In neoStampa Activation Manager the error is shown in the status column as Generic error (-14) representing that the dongle use date is in the future.

  1. Contact to request one re-activation XDAT at Inedit. 
  2. When receiving the re-activation code, then you have to load it in the Activation Manager. 
  3. After applying it, it will still show a message that activation is invalid (code -14 or -15) or without success. No worry and proceed to next.
  4. Check again the use date.
  5. Now load the first XDAT activation that you have received before.
  6. The activation should be applied and the application should start.

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