The "Licenses..." button in the nT Activation Manager takes too long to load its content when plugging and unplugging the dongle.

How to reproduce this problem

1. Plugin a dongle and start the nT Activation manager.

2. Click on the "Licences..." button.

3. Click on "Done" and unplug the dongle.

4. Click on the "Licenses..." button again and notice that the "Licenses" dialog takes some time until it is shown.


neoTextil loads the dongles when Adobe Photoshop starts and when nT Activation Manager starts. Plug-in and unplugging dongles in runtime are not supported (fewer possibilities for piracy or users using two computers with the same dongle).


Plug in your dongle before starting Adobe Photoshop. If you experience some problems related to this subject, please close Adobe Photoshop, plug in your dongle, and restart Adobe Photoshop.

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