From Administration > Licensing you can manage, view, and update the licenses. The lower part of this page belongs to the Registered Devices.

License Details

All licenses are listed under the labels:

  • Status
  • Dongle ID
  • Organization
  • Purchase Date
  • License Type and expiration date
  • Support and Updates period
  • Licensed Devices (nC iOS)
  • Licensed Users (Users with login access to neoCatalog)

With neoCatalog activation, one device is free without a license. With 'Request more' you can ask for more licenses. A new email window opens, ready to be sent to The Licensed users are based on the neoCatalog application, where 5 users can be connected simultaneously. If you need to work with more users, please contact

Update License

With the 'Add license' button you can update your license to use on more devices. Simply select the dongle and fill in the fields in the open dialog, with all provided license details. To start the activation, click on Activate button, or request a new license with the corresponding button.

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