By default, when you install Inedit products, it applies trial licenses with 30-days expiration date. You can start a 30-day trial to try out all of the features. If your dongle has already activated a trial license, you cannot start a new trial. 

At the end of the trial period, you can revert to a final license or extend the trial. For more information about license levels, contact

Activation Types

Inedit products support two types of activation: USB dongle protection and UUID. By default, when you install Inedit products, they apply basic licenses with 30-days expiration date.

USB protection (dongle)

The dongle is a hardware device that you can connect to a computer's parallel or USB port. The product is authorized to run on that computer as long as the dongle remains connected. This dongle will activate the software when provided an XDAT file, or the activation code is introduced. Supports multiple Inedit products activations.

UUID format (Universally Unique IDentifier)

Activations with UUID format do not require to plug-in any hardware devices. It will use a unique identifier number that will activate the program when provided an .XDAT file, or the activation code is introduced in the required field.


This example is applicable for all Inedit products.

Step 1: Register dongle with account

  1. If you own the Inedit dongle, you need to plug-in in your computer. If you do not have the dongle, the registration will be done using the UUID of the product.
  2. Start the installed software. It recognizes the number of dongle (65xxxxxxx). Using UUID activation it will show the unique identifier number of 10 digits.

  3. Enter your account details in the required fields to register your dongle with your emailand push the button "Continue".

  4. In the next step tell us why you want to try the product and push the button "Request Trial".

Step 2: Validate your email account

  1. The next step is to validate your email account which requires one verification.

  2. Check your received email and use the validation code that is valid for 15 minutesfor the next step.

  3. Enter the verification code in the required field. Click on the button "Continue". Once your registration is completed, you will be able to change the registration email.

Step 3: Start the trial license

You will receive a 30 days trial. Click on the button "Continue Trial" to start using the app.

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Registration in neoCatalog:

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