valid for neoTextil 9

If you encounter issues with the trial license registration, follow these steps:

Step 1: New registration for dongle or UUID

  1. Plug in the Inedit dongle or use the UUID for registration.
  2. Start the Photoshop and open nT neoTextil Panel from menu Plug-ins | neoTextil Panels.
  3. Enter the account details in all required fields and click "Continue."

Step 2: Validate Your Email Account

  1. A verification code is sent to your email after form submission.
  2. Check your email for the code that is valid for 15 minutes.
  3. Enter the code and click "Continue."
  4. Note: A new verification code is generated for each form submission, which sends a new email.

Step 3: Start the Trial License

  • After successful verification, you will receive a 30-day trial.
  • Click "Continue Trial" to start using the application.

Troubleshooting: Email validation process

If you encounter validation issues, proceed with the following steps. These troubleshooting measures are designed to resolve any problems associated with the generation of verification codes during the trial license registration process.

  • It may take a few moments for the email to arrive. Wait for a reasonable amount of time before assuming an issue.

  • If the code has expired or you didn't receive the email, you can trigger a new code generation by submitting the registration form again.

  • Double-check that the email entered during registration is correct. The verification code will be sent to this email.

Additional Troubleshooting: Checking Log File for Validation Issues

If the email validation process continues to fail, it's essential to explore the log file for potential insights into the issue. A log file named `logInfo.txt` is generated, providing details about the validation attempts. By examining the log file, users can gain deeper insights into the email validation process and troubleshoot issues more effectively. This additional step can be crucial in resolving persistent problems during the trial license registration.

Follow these additional steps:

1. Locate the Log File:

  • For macOS: Navigate to
  • For Windows: Go to

2. Use a text editor to open the `logInfo.txt` file. This file contains detailed information about the registration and validation processes.

3. Look for entries related to the email validation process. The log file may provide error messages, timestamps, or specific details about why the validation is failing.

4. Common Issues in Log File: 

  • Check for any error messages indicating issues with the email server, network connectivity, or incorrect email formatting.
  • Look for timestamps to identify when validation attempts were made and if there are patterns or recurring issues.

5. Based on the information in the log file, take appropriate actions to address the identified issues. This may involve correcting email details, checking network connections, or contacting support with specific error messages.

6. After addressing the issues found in the log file, retry the validation process. Monitor the log file for any new entries to ensure that the problems have been resolved.

7. If issues persist or if the log file indicates complex problems, consider reaching out to customer support. Provide them with the log file information.

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