During the installation of neoTextil 9, an error occurs on the installer Summary page, indicating a failure to install UXP Panels with the error message:

UXP Panels - Installing extension with file path = C:Windows| Failed to install, status = -151!


This issue arises from Creative Cloud incompatibilities, necessitating a manual installation of the UXP Panels. Follow these steps or refer to the comprehensive guide titled "Manual Installation of neoTextil" for assistance.

How to obtain UXP Panels:

For macOS:

  1. Double-click the installer file with the extension .dmg.
  2. Right-click on the opened window and select 'Show Package Contents.'
  3. Navigate through Package Contents to the path /Contents/Resources/app/resources/neoTextil/Common/ until you reach the 'UXP' folder.

For Windows:

  1. Extract the installer file to create a new folder using
  2. Select the 'neoTextil-X.X.X-full.nupkg' file and extract its contents to create another new folder.
  3. Within the 'neoTextil-X.X.X-full' folder, follow this path: \lib\net45\resources\app\resources\neoTextil\Common until you locate the 'UXP' folder.
  4. Follow the next instructions below.

How to install neoTextil 9 UXP Panels:

  1. Copy the file named com.inedit.nT.panels_PS.ccx to your Downloads or Desktop folder.

  2. Double-click on the copied file. This action will open Adobe Creative Cloud and navigate to 'Stock & Marketplace' > 'Plugins' > 'Manage plugins.'

  3. Proceed by clicking 'OK,' and the UXP Panels will be installed. After installation, restart Photoshop to ensure proper functionality.

By following these steps, you can manually install the UXP Panels, resolving the error encountered during the neoTextil 9 installation process.

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