The neoControl database is an essential component for presenting the printing history within the Control Center. It enables users to efficiently search, calculate consumables, and reprint jobs. For those working with printing queues in the Control Center, the system seamlessly connects to the neoStampa printer as soon as it's added to the queue.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for connecting to neoControl, adding data sources, and managing them in Control Center. Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure proper connectivity with neoControl and efficient data source management in Control Center.

Add neoControl data source

  1. Open Control Center.
  2. Click on "Preferences."
  3. Click on the "Data Sources · neoControl" icon, which displays the "Data Sources · neoControl" dialog.
  4. Enter the required data for "IP or DNS Name" and "Port" to connect to one or multiple neoControls.
  5. Click "Add."
  6. Check that a "Server created successfully" message is displayed.
  7. Confirm that the data source is successfully added using "IP or DNS Name:Port" as the "Address."
  8. Verify that the number of "Printers" is displayed.
  9. Ensure "Online" is displayed as the "Status."
  10. Check for two icons as "Actions" ("Refresh" and "Delete").

INFO: If you can't see the printer icons and station names on your remote neoControl Databases connected to the updated Control Center, it means your neoControl stations may not have the same neoStampa version. Make sure all stations are updated to the latest version for smooth compatibility.

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