to The desktop application, also refered as nC Basic (.dmg for macOS, .exe for Windows), installed on user stations with an embedded H2 database faces limitations in both features and usability, making it incomparable to the functionality of neoCatalog Server. 

Due to compatibility issues, neoCatalog Standalone has been discontinued and removed, as it is no longer available for purchase.


The Server version is an Application Service installed on servers, also referred as nC Enterprise. The Windows server installer (e.g., neoCatalogWeb-X.X.X.exe) is intended solely for fresh installations and will not be publicly released. Operating on a mySQL database and managed within instances in JavaMonitor, this deployment boasts no limitations in features. To stay updated, including access to both release and beta versions, we recommend using the Application Administration interface. 


Functionally identical to the Server application, the Cloud version is deployed on cloud infrastructure instead of local servers. Similarly, for updates, including both release and beta versions, we advise utilizing the Application Administration interface. 

Find attached the neoCatalog specification data sheet for every model.