neoTextil v24.6

June 2024

We are excited to announce that neoTextil 9 will now be called neoTextil 2024 along with the version number. This name change reflects our forward-looking vision, aligning our product’s identity with the latest advancements in Adobe Photoshop.

What’s New

nT Colorations

  • QuickPrint Layouts for nT Colorations: Introducing XML layouts in nT Colorations, designed for file organization for both sampling and production printing processes. These layouts complement the existing neoTextil Layouts (LYT) and Templates (CRD), offering enhanced versatility for various use cases. The layouts come pre-installed within the neoTextil installation. If they're not already available in your neoTextil setup, you can conveniently download them from the attachments provided in this article.


The transition from neoTextil Layouts (LYT) and Templates (CRD) to the new layouts in neoTextil brings several improvements and changes designed to enhance functionality, flexibility, and user experience. Here is a detailed comparison:


LYT Layouts:

  • Requires manual adjustments for page setup.
  • Provides basic customization options for colorations and dimensions.
  • Layout setup for color patch customization within the page and decide whether background and inactive patches shall also be included.


CRD Templates:

  • Offers predefined canvas for quicker use.
  • Limited flexibility but easier for standard tasks.


New Layouts:

  • More flexible and dynamic options for page setup.
  • Advanced setup for colorations, dimensions, and export formats.
  • Offers QR code and watermark implementation inside the Layout.


  • Added more control on installation.
  • Enhanced color styles based on Photoshops' color themes.
  • Improved the activation process on the User interface.
  • Added support to load remote neoCatalog colorways from the remote design opened as the Image reference.

Bug Fixes

nT Colorations

  • Duplicated colorways are now properly saved in the specified custom local path.
  • RGB images with transparency are now correctly flattened in nT Colorations.
  • ACV curves with special characters in the color channel can now be saved and loaded correctly.
  • Previews for Digital and Hybrid designs as image references are now displayed correctly.
  • Optimized error returns when the printer scheme is not detected.


nT Masquerade

Designs are now correctly separated according to channel group and color during export in the Background.

nT Halftone Channels

Solved issue where the channels have been missing channel information after applying halftone.

nT Step&Repeat

The rapport value now updates correctly when an open document is selected.


nS QuickPrint 

The panel now functions conflictless when saving Print Server URLs.