neoStampa v24.6

June 2024

neoStampa Delta Versioning and Naming Updates: 

We are changing the versioning of neoStampa Delta to Calendar Numbering. This means our users will see a significant jump in the version numbering of the new release, from neoStampa Delta v10.2.9 to neoStampa Delta v24.6 (Year and month of the release).

From now on, any new scheme (Calibration package) created in neoStampa Delta v24 will ONLY be compatible with the version it was created in and all future version releases, and it will NOT be compatible with earlier versions. Once updated, you will always be able to use an old scheme in more recent versions to continue printing under the same conditions.

Some details about the semantics of our numbering system: we are using two digits for the year, one or two digits for the month (Depending on the current month), and the last digit for the release updates. 

  • v24.6
  • v24.6.1


What’s New

  • Added support for scheme versioning.
  • Added support for Barbieri SpectroLFP qb TCP/IP connection
  • Added the possibility for the Print Server to send copies as a single job.
  • Added Print Server communication license and driver characteristics for encryption jobs.
  • Updated Dilution ink values when editing AICY color recipes.

Bug Fixes

  • Solved issue on entering color replacement number.
  • Solved issue on deleting temporary Print Server files.
  • Addressed issue with channel mask in spot colors.
  • Fixed issue with pure white LAB files.
  • Solved issue on measuring pages with Barbieri SpectroLFP.
  • Fixed the issue where the Punch bleed option did not apply the values in the output.
  • Solved issue with color patches not being added in the Print Statistic.
  • Solved issue opening PDF document with accent name or in the document path.
  • Solved issue with Konica Nassenger that extends the name limit to 100 characters.
  • Addressed nS crashes while ripping a PDF file with overprint for DTG print mode.
  • Fixed issues displaying PDF preview.
  • Solved PDF rendering issue (SpotColors + Choke).
  • Fixed Print Server issue with RGB-output drivers
  • Solved behavior for Choke not applied through hot folders.

Control Center 

  • Fixed issue with exporting PDF report in THB currency.
  • Fixed issue to recalculate ink prices in the jobs history.
  • Solved issue with duplicated consumption price when the quantity is higher than 1 liter/1000 milliliter.
  • Addressed issue with Data Source connection after the update causing the printing history not to load automatically which required a manual refreshing on the connection in Preferences
  • Solved issue where newly introduced parameters for a new job were not used.
  • Optimized the PDF size of the Job report.
  • Optimized the data format in an Excel file.