neoCatalog v24.7

July 2024

In line with the changes for neoStampa Delta, neoCatalog will also adopt the new Calendar Numbering system. Users will see the transition from neoCatalog 3.16.18 to neoCatalog 24.7.

What’s New

Secure Printing with End-to-End Encryption: Integrated encryption feature for secure printing of jobs in neoCatalog for data security and protection of sensitive information.

  • Users can now choose to encrypt jobs in the Print dialog using supported file formats like PSD and PSB before sending them to the Print Server. Enabling job encryption is based in the Print Server Management in neoCatalog. 
  • Unsupported file formats cannot be encrypted, and a warning message is displayed if a user attempts to encrypt an unsupported job. In such cases, the job is added to the Print Server queue without encryption and printed normally without any special formatting.
  • Encrypted jobs are indicated by an italic font in the Print Server queue. The required decryption code to print the encrypted jobs is communicated between the neoCatalog and Print Server. 
  • When an encrypted job is printed, a new print order is created in Requests with the date of printing. The Event History Log in the order records various actions related to the encrypted jobs, including printing, workflow changes, and job details. 
  • The encrypted job cannot be reprinted.


  • Added the utilization of colorway colors in Photoshop channels when downloading design with embedded remote colorway.

  • Introduced an option to replace users, allowing a seamless transition from one user to another (e.g., name 1 to name 2) for better user management.

  • Added notification to the Request Order log for an order that was sent and printed in the Print Server.

  • Implemented overwriting Amazon files when a design is updated and reshared with the Share Samples utility via emails, ensuring the latest version of the design file is always available.

  • We have reintroduced support for keyword groups to enhance your categorization and search capabilities. The new keyword groups can be created and managed using the Categorization management or Advanced preference settings to create keyword groups, for example: $FLOWER|Rose|Daisies|Orchids. Usage:
    • UI Import: Add keyword groups during the UI import process.
    • Panel Import: Incorporate keyword groups in your panel import.
    • Edit Design: Utilize keyword groups while editing your design projects.
    • Advanced Search: Enhance your search precision with keyword groups in advanced search.
    • Gallery Keyword Search: Simplify gallery searches using keyword groups.

  • Enhanced workflow with profile validation when importing designs and colorways with required profiles

  • Support for layouts subfolders in layouts management to create print jobs.
  • Established a backup system for the neoCatalog MySQL Database on the Cloud for better data integrity.
  • Enhanced the mobile view for consistency and user experience.
  • Improved the Gallery process to skip colorways without low-quality files to generate a gallery cover efficiently.
  • Included the ability to return the design status for the neoCatalog panel.


Bug fixes

  • Addressed migration issues for new neoCatalogs installations.
  • Solved issues when downloading shared sample files from AWS.
  • Enhanced the position of the status tooltip and multiple statuses in the design preview.
  • Solved handling of large database backup.
  • Fixed the issue that notifications of database backup have been sent to all admin users.
  • Solved issue sending a print to Print Server queue when there is only one Print Server configured in the Management. 
  • Addressed issue where the Layouts were not alphabetically sorted.