Affects Version/s: All versions of neoStampa 8 and neoStampa 9.

The best way to manage ICC color profiles on neoStampa is to print and read a profile color chart with callibration Wizard to generate a proper one. Sometimes, though, we might want to use another profile or this profile has been read on another computer and we need to import it manually.

1. Open the Printer Scheme Manager by clicking on the three-point icon at the top menu of the screen, left to the Print button.

2. We select the Color tab and click on Add... to select the folder where our new profile/s is/are stored. 

3. A new window will appear that lets us select the color profile we want to import from the profiles available on this folder. We select it and we click on Ok

4The new color profile will be now available on the Output ICC Profile droplist. We'll just have to select it and click on Save.

Bear in mind that the program will only show the parameters which are compatible depending on the type of process selected (CMYK, CMYKOrGr, etc.). When selecting the parameters for printing, it is important that the printing resolution matches as much as possible with the resolution used to create the ICC parameters, which is normally specified in the color profile description.

For more information, please consult neoStampa manual on our website.
In case of doubt or for further information, please contact Inedit Techical Support.