First of all, you will have to select the printers you wish to use with the program, set connection types and other advanced parameters.

Click on File and choose the Printer Configuration button from the unfolded list. You can also access the window by clicking on the icon :

The Add and Remove buttons allow you to introduce the printers you require in the list of installed printers. The Drivers can also be chosen by specific Brand drivers lists:

You can configure the type of connection used for each printer. To do this, select the printer from the list and then select the required type of connection in the Connection section:

If you have various printers installed, only one of them will be the default printer. It is the one that will always be used when the program is started and when a new document is opened. To set the default printer, place the mouse on it, click it with the right-hand button of the mouse and select the option from the menu that appears.

A non default printer can also be selected for a specific document. To select a printer from the list, double click on the printer and a sign will appear on the left, to indicate that this printer will be selected for the current document.