Affects Version/s: All versions of neoStampa 8 and neoStampa 9.

Although the main function of neoStampa is textile printing and color management, it is possible to use it for color separation and filming. Since there are no options for calibration wizard for setting up a printer for filming, we'll have to set it up manually. The procedure in question is quite simple and straightforward.

1. Open neoStampa and create a new job on File | New or by clicking on the icon at the top menu of the screen. We select Separation Printing and the printer we'll be using. If there's no color scheme yet, we can leave this field blank.

2. Open the Printer Scheme Manager by clicking on the three-point icon at the top menu of the screen, left to the Print button.


We set the printer Mode as K only and we enter the proper resolution.

3. We print the Black Test and read it to find the Ink Limit. We're looking for maximum value without bleeding, that dries correctly and is opaque to light when contact-copied. We set the ink limit by clicking on the three-point icon on the Ink Control section of the Ink tab and introducing the name of the profile and the values on Ink Limit.

4. We Save the scheme and load it on the Separation Layout, and print Grayscale Linearisation Test to generate a linearisation curve and we read the values.

5. We import a file on the Separation Layout and we tick the Linearise black ink box. We click on Edit and introduce the inverted values of the curve we read and save it. It is recommended to export this curve for safekeeping. We can introduce the values of the Haftoning Method we'll be using.

Additional information

neoStampa is able to convert directly RGB files to grayscale, CMYK and hexacrome, but to separate extra channels (PANTONE) the only formats we can work with are Illustrator AI, EPS and PDF, Photoshop PDF and multi-channel PSD.

Please be aware that for converting a RGB+ file into CMYK+ separation an ICC profile is needed (if not, the black channel separation is not generated).

For more information, please consult neoStampa manual on our website.
In case of doubt or for further information, please contact Inedit Techical Support.