Although the spectrophotometer is connected to the computer and properly set up on the calibration Wizard menu, we get a warning that it's not connected to the computer.


We probably need to install the specific drivers of this spectrophotometer. We can check the connection status by opening Windows Device Manager (right-click on the Start icon and select Device Manager). The device should appear as connected but with a triangle warning icon as it's not properly installed.

Supported spectrophotometer drivers are readily available on neoStampa's folder, usually in c:/Program Files/neoStampa/required. We have different options to install:

  • Use the executable file available in the folder. In the case of i1pro3, for example, is neoStampa/required/i1pro3/X-Rite_i1Pro3_i1iO3_Driver_v3.0.0.exe.
  • Install from Device Manager, if we have it still open.
    • Right-click on Unknown device and select Update driver.
    • Select Browse my computer for driver software.
    • Introduce the appropriate folder or click on Browse to reach it. In the case of i1pro3, the folder is C:\Program Files\Inedit\neoStampa 10\required\i1Pro3.
    • Click on Next to finish installing the driver.

Once we finish, the device should appear on Windows Device Manager and work properly on the Calibration Wizard.