Although the spectrophotometer is connected to the computer and properly set up on calibration Wizard menu, we get a warning that it's not connected to the computer.


We probably need to install the specific drivers of this spectrophotometer. We can check connection status by opening Windows Device Manager (right-click on Start icon and select Device Manager). The device should appear as connected but with a triangle warning icon as it's not properly installed.

Supported spectrophotometer drivers are readily available on neoStampa's folder, usually in c:/Program Files/neoStampa/required. We have different options to install:

  • Use the executable file available in the folder. In the case of i1pro3, for example, is neoStampa/required/i1pro3/X-Rite_i1Pro3_i1iO3_Driver_v3.0.0.exe.
  • Install from Device Manager, if we have it still open.
    • Right-click on Unknown device and select Update driver.
    • Select Browse my computer for driver software.
    • Introduce the appropriate folder or click on Browse to reach it. In the case of i1pro3, the folder is C:\Program Files\Inedit\neoStampa 10\required\i1Pro3.
    • Click on Next to finish installing the driver.

Once we finish, the device should appear on Windows Device Manager and work properly on calibration Wizard.